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Monday, 22 February 2016

Garden of Fire!

I stared my new job as Chapel & Collections Officer at Clumber Park on the first of December, just in time for all the festive fun! And just as I started Clumber was hosting a very different types of garden event, the Garden of Fire!

The Walled Kitchen Gardens were temporarily transformed into an enchanted, illuminated garden that felt like you had stepped straight into a fairy tale.

Working with Fuse Fireworks the events team at Clumber Park undertook something daring and different, and being lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the event I think it really paid off!

The Walled Kitchen Gardens, with their gorgeous red brick walls and the largest Glass House in the care of the Trust, are beautiful in their own right. However on this evening they were transformed into another world.

Candles hung in glass jars from trees and on posts, as well as from in plant pots on purpose built metal structures, creating fantastic fiery visions for visitors wandering round the garden.

The first section of the experience felt like walking amongst the stars. The whole experience just made me feel so relaxed and dreamily happy.

There also braziers burning bright, and one are where as you walked past bursts of fire were sent leaping into the sky.

I think my favorite structure was the sphere, although the pretty heart was a close second.

Accompanying visitors round the garden was a soundtrack of beautiful, ethereal music. This really made the experience, bringing it to another level and totally transporting you to this beautiful, other-worldly Garden of Fire.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit something similar do, it was such a unique, lovely experience!

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